This month the ITSM Podcast team is running at 90% capacity because James Finister had a

“technology issue” – so just a normal day at the office really. Thankfully, though, the grumpy old

men of ITSM are joined by a much happier young man – Ollie O’Donoghue. Having joined Horses for

Sources Research, the now far more important Sir Oliver of Donoghue talks about his new role and

the CIO perspective of digital transformation. As well as pointing the boys in the right

direction on enterprise service management – that’s the use of ITSM thinking and capabilities in

other lines of business such as HR and facilities. There’s also some ITSM news chatter – that’s the

polite term for it – including the BMC/CA merger speculation.


In this month’s IT service management (ITSM) podcast, James Finister rediscovers his voice and ITSM opinions (and is really quite shouty). The boys – well it’s hard to think of them as grownups – are joined by Rosh Hosany from PwC to talk about the upcoming Service Desk and IT Support Show (SITS): the event itself and the sessions that people are looking forward to attending. There’s also ITSM news, but if you want to know whether the ITSM new poodle’ contracts have been renewed, then you’ll need to listen in. Oh, and there’s also a high probability that Stephen will be moaning about something (well, multiple things).


After the team's near-fatal technology failure at the SDI conference, they've regrouped and returned to their safe place - recording the podcast remotely, without any guests (which also means that one of the hosts doesn't need to wear trousers). This time Barclay, James, Patrick, and Stephen chew the fat over what can be done to help the ITSM community to make sense of, and to benefit from, the growing number of available frameworks, standards, methodologies, approaches, techniques, and technologies. Along the way, there's some DevOps love, concerns over the ability of different approaches to work well together due to vested interests, plus suggestions as to what needs to be done to help practitioners find the right blend of approaches. Oh, and Stephen digs himself into a hole he can't get out of.


Thought we were dead? Well you thought wrong because the Service Management podcast is back!

Sponsored by itSMF UK and featuring regular hosts Stephen Mann, James Finister, Patrick Bolger, and Barclay Rae, our first episode is focused on the Service Desk Institute’s Annual Conference.

Joined by guests Sally Bogg, Matt Hooper, Mauricio Corona, and Carla Thorney, we also discuss what we should be focusing on in IT, the importance of the customer, and fifty shades of grey!

P.S. Hi John.